belay glasses

All You Need To Know About Belay Glasses

The persistent soreness that starts at the back of your skull after a long day of belaying. The eventual pain that spreads to your upper back even though you tried massaging it away. Straining your eyes at your partner, hoping … Read More


How to Choose the Best Climbing Bag

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Climbing Hangboard 101

Rock climbers get better at climbing by practicing and spending significant time climbing. Having said that, to progress faster, you will most likely need or want to strengthen your fingers and grip strength. By using a hangboard, you can increase … Read More


How to Choose the Best Pair of Climbing Pants

How to Properly Wash Your Climbing Pants Whether the majority of your climbing takes place indoor, at a fitness center, or outdoors, washing them is a necessary step in maintaining their quality. Fortunately, these tips can help you maintain their … Read More


Choosing The Best Crash Pad: Reviews and Tips

Crash pads stem from a relatively straightforward idea. If you’re going to be climbing steep, and potentially dangerous surfaces, then you’re going to need something that will protect you if you accidentally slip and fall.  Crash pads, often made from … Read More


Bouldering for Fun and Sport

Bouldering is a rock climbing sport that uses no rope; it requires less gear because boulderers don’t climb very high compared to sport climbing. The climbing route is typically 15 feet tall or less with a crash pad at the … Read More

The Best Shoes for Rock Climbing

“Jumping from boulder to boulder and never falling, with a heavy pack, is easier than it sounds; you just can’t fall when you get into the rhythm of the dance.” ― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums. So you want to … Read More